Authenticity of Artworks

India Art Festival (IAF), the only online art fair in India displays and offers original artworks for sale (except limited edition prints) and provide assurance on behalf of exhibiting art galleries and artists that every work of an art is an authentic work of the artist mentioned therein.

All art buyers who purchase artworks from are to be provided ‘Authenticity Certificate’ signed by the respective artist or exhibitor art gallery or India Art Festival, along with a tax paid invoice of India Art Festival/Ruturaj IndoArtFest Pvt Ltd.

IAF provides a guarantee of taking back artwork from the buyer with a full refund if buyer proves to the satisfaction of IAF that the artwork purchased from lacks authenticity and is counterfeit. In any such cases, IAF will annul the sale and make the exhibiting art gallery pay full refund to the buyer once buyer returns the artwork to IAF in original condition when it was purchased from IAF.  IAF shall in turn hand over the aforesaid artwork to exhibiting art gallery. However, all such claims by the buyer are to be examined by art experts on the basis of proofs submitted by the buyer and the decision of  India Art Festival will be final and binding in respect of such claims if found unsubstantiated. The art expert’s charges if any are to be born by the buyer. All such claims are to be submitted within one year by the original-registered buyer of IAF who purchased artwork and not the succeeding owner of the artwork.