Privacy Policy

India Art Festival (IAF) respects your privacy and gives paramount importance to the protection of your information. India Art Festival has been following strict privacy policy since its inception in 2011, whether your personal information is received at India Art Festival registration desk at New Delhi/Mumbai or online through VIP registration or registration at  IAF.
India Art Festival website browsing is permitted without registering and giving personal information; however we monitor general statistics like the number of people visiting our website, their region, the number of visits etc to analyse the traffic trends for internal improvements,  though visitor remains anonymous at all the time until he/she registers with Virtual IAF.
To receive updates, IAF newsletter, buy artworks or communicate with us, you need to subscribe or register using our dynamic subscription/registration forms wherein information like name, contact details, email Id, address needs to be provided depending on the purpose of registration.
We strictly protect your personal information which is used only to provide you information of your preference and interest, updates on IAF editions etc to meet your needs. For artworks buying purpose, we need your information like billing and shipping address plus credit/debit card details are to be submitted directly to secure payment gateway as per the procedure. Virtual IAF is SSL certified website and credit/debit card details provided for payment purpose to payment gateway is transmitted through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) software which encrypts the alphabets/digits you input at your end.  IAF is committed to the protection of website users’ privacy in all possible ways.

We use your email I’d submitted while subscribing/registering with us only to provide you updates on upcoming editions of India Art Festival, new arrivals at Virtual IAF and eIAF etc; however you can click unsubscribe link anytime to stop receiving such emails from us.  We may also use your address to send you VIP passes for India Art Festival VIP preview for any of our future editions. Your address and contact information is accessed by top IAF management and IAF employees are not given access to it.
In case of any apprehensions on security of your data, please do write us at /